Set up a WordPress blog

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A quick rundown of steps to create a WordPress blog. Each of these steps has many substeps. See individual posts for each for more.

  1. Brainstorm and think through your niche and how you will monetize.
  2. Register a good domain name.
  3. Select a web host.
  4. Upload or install WordPress.
  5. Hook up your domain name with your web hosting.
  6. Select and install a WordPress theme
  7. Create standard pages – About, Contact
  8. Create standard disclaimer pages – Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and possibly Earnings Disclaimer
  9. Start to add content to your site.
  10. Get good at all the things — hehe just kidding but really its true this is when you really start going bonkers trying to do it all. Just choose a few of then important things that you know will improve your blog and do them each day.

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