Succeeding at Blogging

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Some tips to succeed at blogging:

  • Be patient, things will take time.
  • Be persistent, things will take time.
  • Do not give up, things take time.
  • Be consistent and things will get easier and more natural as you learn.
  • Set a goal, such as a number of posts you’d like to create each week. If you need an accountability partner, find one.
  • Figure out a time to blog. You may need to curtail another hobby, but see if you can embrace this.
  • Blog when your energy is still with you but you have some time to yourself.
  • Try to time block vs. multitask to be able to really get into the swing of writing.
  • Don’t get caught up in an ever-learning cycle or shiny object syndrome trap. Try to get several tangible, truly important items done each week to make forward progress.
  • Figure out the things you do, develop a system and automate it. This will come to you over time.

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