Better Blogging Habits

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One of the ways to become a better blogger is to write more! Establish habits along the way of doing things that help you come up with more ideas and work through them better.

Some ways to create more content:

  • Clean up your working environment.
  • Use a Pomodoro timer and work 25 minutes at a time. Reward yourself with a break. Do this in intervals.
  • Batch your work by processes. Create all your posts at one time, generate all your Pinterest images at another time.
  • Use time-blocking
  • If working from home and get distracted by family
    • Consider working in an office with a door or make some other signal you’re working
    • Work at times when they are busy with other things
    • Go to the coffee store
  • Make a routine and always blog at the same time
  • Set a goal, either a number of words or number of minutes.
  • Play inspiring music or a white noise, if it helps.

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