Google Search Console Showing Less Hits?

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Write a good blog that helps your peeps, but when you need to, try to keep up on some of the things the big players are doing.

Keep up on Google Search Console by going to their Help Center.

If you recently noticed a drop in your hits you’re used to seeing in Google Search Console, check out the note from April 12, 2020.

AMP, Mobile Usability, Speed, all rich result reports

These reports have been changed to cover a smaller number of pages, in order to provide better performance in Search Console. Because of this, you might see a decrease in the number of items and pages tracked in these reports. This change does not affect Search results, only the data reporting in Search Console.

Note that they point out this does not affect the Search results, just the data reporting in the console for performance reasons.

Another way to check on things like this is through either some reputable and informational SEO expert sites or even Facebook groups that you have come to trust. Be careful though, since algorithms for things like ranking on Google or trending on Pinterest are not released to the open because people would ‘game the system’ — there tends to be a lot of speculation and people may be wrong.

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