Things to Avoid Doing as an Amazon Seller

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Hopefully, you really read the rules for working as an Amazon Seller. Being on Amazon is a great thing and making a misstep can cost you the opportunity of being able to work with them as a seller.

Read the Community Rules again, if you need to.

Some things to avoid doing when you’re on the Seller end of Amazon are:

  • Do not ask repeatedly for a review
  • Do not solicit the customer
  • Do not incentivize or otherwise try to influence reviews
    • Don’t offer a review for ebook downloads, coupon codes, freebies, or other items/promises
  • Do not send advertising, promotions, or other marketing material
  • Do not ask for a positive review
  • When it’s unnecessary to complete an order –
    • Do not use verbiage like “[Important]” or “Additional Info Required”
    • Do not send links for anything not needed
  • Do not buy reviews
  • Do not have friends, family, or other known contacts perform reviews
  • Do not have outside of Amazon ‘channel’ communication
  • Do not offer

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