Exclude your Session Hits from Google Analytics

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Just set up a website and want to see if anyone is hitting it? Not sure if it’s just you? You need to filter out your own IP address in order to see how many others are hitting your site and get valid metrics.

Estimated Time To Complete 5 minutes.

How to Exclude your IP visits/hits in Google Analtyics

  1. Log in to Google Analytics

  2. Select the Account you’re wanting to set up a filter for

  3. Click on “All Filters

  4. Click the “+ ADD FILTER” button

  5. Fill out the “Add Filter to View” form as follows

  6. Name your new filter something like “FilterMyIp

  7. Select Filter Type of “Predefined

  8. For Select filter type, choose “Exclude

  9. For Select source or destination, choose “traffic from the IP addresses

  10. For Select expression, choose “that begin with

  11. For IP address, enter your IP address. If you need help, check out my post on How to Find your IP Address.

  12. In the Apply Filters to Views, if you’re newer to blogging and just setting this up you probably just have the “All Web Site Data” option.

  13. Select this in the Available Views box and then click “Add >>” to add it to the Selected Views box.

  14. Click the “Save” button.

Congratulations! Now, your counts should be valid and not include your own!

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