Pages to Consider for your Blog

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Oh how I wish some of my favorite bloggers who also teach would make things a little easier for me. As a customer, I don’t enjoy hunting around for a course login because I can only find a landing page! Now, part of this is on me and my disorganized ways, but I’m not that disorganized.

When building out your site, sometimes at the get-go you may forget or not need an important page. Look over the list below to see if any of the following may be necessary or important to you at this time.


  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclosure
  • Terms of Use / Terms & Conditions
  • Affiliate Disclosure
  • Earnings Disclaimer


  • Contact
  • About / About Me
  • Start Here
  • Baseline Info
  • Silo Pages – Helps with SEO and for your insterested audiecne to have a silo page linking all of your items from one page
  • Series
  • FAQ Page
  • Blog roll

Useful Resources

  • Course / Student Login
  • Tools & Resources – Perfect affiliate marketing hop off! Consider grouping for sure by types or services. Create several pages based on type if you have enough information to share.
    • For instance, a blogger might have:
      • Email Service Providers
      • Online or offline software
      • Websites
      • Grammar tools
      • Image creation tools
      • Graphic & Icon resources
      • Classes, courses, and ebooks
      • Tools you use
      • …etc!
    • A mom blogger might have:
      • Printing resources
      • Storage and Organizational supplies
      • Apps List
  • 404 – Create a custom redirect for the user to end up back at your popular pages, if they hit an invalid page somehow.

Sales & Marketing

  • Subscribe
  • Consultations
  • Testimonials
  • Sponsored Ad Info
  • Guest Posting Rules & Information
  • Media Kit – For influencers
  • Hire Me
  • Events
  • Landing Page – When you build your landing page make sure to start with the Call To Action – this may be different depending on the source. You’ll want to define different landing pages to come from different sources to have them align most closely for a better conversion rate.
  • Press – Where you’ve been quoted or interviewed. This can really help with being seen as an expert in your field.
  • Join the Waitlist
  • Beta Program Entry
  • Become an Affiliate
  • Affiliate Application
  • Thank you/Share/Tell-a-friend

Your Showcase/Products

For your products, you may wish to perform A/B Split testing in order to determine which pages are converting better. The learning curve for setting these up is a little steep, but once you know it, you can really fine-tune the message you put out there to your customer.

  • Shop
  • Courses
  • Products
  • Services
  • Projects

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