WordPress Tags? Or No?

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I don’t think this is conclusively proven, so my thoughts here.

It seems there are two camps of opinion about WordPress tags (to use or not to use!). If you don’t know what they are, they’re like optional, additional categories for your posts. You can bin things differently than they exist in categories. Say you have a site on parenting and you have categories on toddlers and teens. But, you also provide reviews of parenting books and a lot of people come just looking for those. The ‘Toddlers’ and ‘Teens’ could be categories, while you might tag the ebooks as ‘ebooks’ so that your audience may get right to them. With tags, they can typically be displayed with a ‘word cloud’ to display to your user for easy access.

It seems like it goes like this, either they’re okay to use and help your user to navigate around your site (like silo pages haah)..

Or they’re bad and create a mess for your SEO rankings because of potentially bringing down your score possibly due to confusing / complex links on your site and / or ‘duplicate’ content.

I think the duplicate content can be resolved by ensuring your Tag pages don’t get indexed. So, check your SEO plugin to tune this potentially.

Otherwise, it seems like this should be okay for the user. I’m using some now. I guess I could test, but am aiming for user experience first.

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