Stop Figuring Out the Algorithm All the Time

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Okay that’s a bit blunt, but I see so many people get in a deep funk or frenzy when they hear of an algorithm change. Sure, you may be affected, but keep in mind that what these search engines (even Pinterest, AKA visual search) want to do, is to provide their peeps with the best matches for what they’re looking for when they search.

So write your best content. Do research, make it great. Solve a problem or a pain point for your readers.

Sure, read about the algorithm. Even see what others might be saying after some time (save yourself the effort!)

Then, yes, do SEO things be create pins to share. But try to keep at the forefront your avatar. Think of them and provide them value. Make it a wonderful value. Figure them out and show them how they can make a meaningful or desired transformation.

This is why they read. Quality content will likely continue to get hits and be served up by the search masters over time.

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