Domain Name Considerations

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When coming up with a domain name, try to come up with something memorable and meaningful for your niche. When brainstorming for a domain name, consider the following:

  • Don’t get discouraged – Most of the things you think of will already be taken
  • Consider short mixes that sound nice – Sometimes it can be just a charming name without related niche terms –,
    • When using multiple words, see what they look like together to ensure it doesn’t also for another less desireable name set.
    • For example, if you’re all about making your own scarves or sharing other work of arts you might come up with:
    • — looks good one way but not so much another?
  • Go for the gold standard – Try to use a .com to be what people would typically think of for a site.
    • If you choose a .net or something because there’s already someone using the name with .com, it might be bad anyway because people may be likely to go there either intentionally or inadvertently but not think about yours. Plus there’s the possibility of copyright and/or trademark infringement.
  • Avoid numerals – When you choose a name, numbers in it (spelled out or the actual digits) are problematic because users don’t know which way to spell out the domain. Will they naturally tend to spell it out or use the digit? Its probably a toss-up, so confusing enough to lose your traffic.
  • Avoid dashes and being cute with typos – You may want to stay away from dashes and cutesy spelling/typos as well. For instance, dropping the last vowel might read okay but it might not gain as much traction because it is not the first thought of spelling for the word.

These are mostly opinions or tips I have kept in mind from reading other’s opinions. Obviously, you may still be able to do very well marketing by clicks and such so people don’t even have to type in your name at first until they become familiar with it so there are exceptions. But to keep to the simplest form that a person may reasonably expect to think of for a domain name spelling may be your best bet.

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