Keep it Clean Man

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When a new visitor comes to your site, is it tidy? Do you have popups knocking for attention the moment someone ‘walks through your door’? Is it easy to look around and see what you offer?

In this day and age of Search Engines getting better, remember that the Search companies want to give their users the best result.

Help them see that you’re the one with the answers.

  • Don’t use popups that annoy the reader and take away from the initial survey of your site’s informational makeup.
  • Focus on a few key related topics and go into them in great detail.
  • Keep your Menu in text for easier parsing by Search Engines in their quest to index all the things.
  • Offer an abundance of posts personalized for your avatar.
  • Link relevant pages to one another.
  • Create a silo page, or most popular posts page (if all related, which hopefully, mostly would be) and include that on the home page., your website shines on the topics identified by you as your niche, and you can be seen as an expert on the subject by both your readers and the Search Engine.
  • Don’t have the majority of your site be covered in ads. If you are using ads, check out your site from a mobile device to see how well it still provides something useful to your readers.

Do this, and your website will shine on your niche topics. You can be seen as a subject matter expert by both your readers and the Search Engine.

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