Tips for Finding a Good Host and Deal when Starting Out

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There are many things to consider when looking for a hosting service for your website. When you’re ready to get hosting, though, do a double-check online as to the current reputation of a vendor before hitting the buy button as it seems like a lot can change fast in the hosting world.

Some tips when looking for a good deal on a great hosting provider:

  • For one, take anyone’s recommendation with a grain of salt. Domain hosting is a holy grail of recurring commissions. That’s why you see many people recommending Blue Host. Not that Blue Host is bad, but just be sure you consider the full picture and what is right for you.
  • If you sign up for hosting, then try to get a feel for what the renewal rate will be. It can probably change by the time the renewal comes up but you can at least see what today’s rates would be.
  • If you are niching down, select a hosting provider that lets you host an unlimited number of domains under your account. That way, you can test out a few as you get better. You may not come up with your winning niche(s) right at first.
  • Often, cashback sites like TopCashBack and RetailMeNot have great offers for hosting companies. Sometimes they are only valid on your FIRST purchase so be sure to lock in the number of months you want upfront.
  • There are some people that post if you purchase through their link, and email them the receipt, they will Paypal you back a rebate. I can say that I have had success with this and it doesn’t seem scammy. It worried me it would work though, as I had no way to verify in advance the legitimacy of this. So I did this as a last resort when I couldn’t find another deal. I may have gotten lucky or they make the recurring commission off you so they honor it because it makes sense, in the long run, to have gained you as their referral.