Your Focus is Your Avatar

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I didn’t use to like this term. Now, I embrace it. I understand more now.

Identification of your avatar, your ideal reader, your audience or customer persona is important because it is the basis of focus for your entire blog.

It’s something that makes sense to me now that I’ve worked on blogs for some time. If you write to everyone, instead of identifying who it is you’re trying to help, then your tone will be off and your blog won’t be as appealing to those you think you’re catering to.

Ensuring this focus will also help you keep your reader on your site longer. This will help the search engines see your site as a useful and relevant resource because people will bounce less and stay longer.

Work through a worksheet to determine your avatar. Don’t be too vague, you want to narrow this down to someone you can envision and ‘speak to’ as you blog to them. Make a name for him or her. When you write, act like you’re talking to them. This will help your message come through clearly to those you wish to reach.

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