Where Are All These Images Coming From?

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Ever get to work on your site and see all the different sizes of images that get created when you upload one? Where do they come from?

  • WordPress – From your WordPress dashboard, look at Settings | Media. This is the standard that WordPress will create. After some deep thought and analysis, should you decide you want to turn off a size, you can zero out its width and height and then save.
  • Your Active Theme – To also see what sizes your theme will create, then navigate from your WordPress dashboard to Appearance | Theme Editor. Make sure your current theme is selected in the drop-down. Then click on functions.php and search for the term “add_image_size” and you’ll see the additional sizes that get created for your theme options. Note that there’s probably a name next to it or some comments that explain what the size is used for.

For either of these, serious consideration should occur before making a change. Simply wiping out the value from the functions isn’t a great move as you may decide you want them back someday or it may have unintended consequences.

Once you get to a better understanding of WordPress, you would try making a child theme that overrides certain features, such as this. That way, you keep the parent theme pristine and good for updates, etc. while you can still test out override things such as this.

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