Repurpose Your Content

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Repurposing your content is a hot topic nowadays! There are many ways to basically syndicate your blog, but do you know about the various things you can do to atomize your content?

First, what is atomization?

Content atomization is taking one of your larger, comprehensive posts and breaking it up into more discrete units focusing on a particular component.

WOW! Its like one day we’re going huge into cornerstone content and the next we’re breaking it up!

Now, this isn’t an ‘either/or’ proposition. This simply means that you do this as well and it can help your site’s comprehensiveness on a topic.

Some ways to do this:

  • Instagram posts using a paragraph or so and a fitting image
  • Perform a Facebook live about something in particular
  • Make a Facebook post
  • Create a video
  • Use part in an email

Things that can help with this process:

  • Create a checklist of the ways that you atomize your content
  • Start with good, pillar content
  • Use your metrics to see what’s already performing well
  • Record your posts and have them transcribed for faster creation (there are online services that do this!)
  • Create a list outlining your process
  • Use a Trello board
  • Batch processing (create all your Instagram at first, etc)
  • Use an editorial calendar
  • Same ole Keyword Research to see what’s desired

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