The Problem with Internal Links

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Sure you have internal links, but are you doing them well?

Do not make them all the same text!

I didn’t realize until researching, but the way you link to your posts can be detrimental if you always do the same way which the same text all the time. I thought it was good to make it all the same, consistent — like a best practice!

It may cause a lower ranking in Search Engine Ranking because of looking spammy. If you have several links to the same post, consider alternating the way you link to it.

Consider that you have posts that link to a page — are you always using the same text because you thought that might be better/consistent AND it just seems to make sense?

If you’ve created a silo or topic page, you probably added the link there as well.

Here are a few different techniques you may use:

  • Match the name exactly
  • Change it up to not be quite an exact match, but consistent with what it is
  • Images and alt tags, if used
  • Generic ‘this link’ with the link off that text. (This just seems like such a no-no but if you must vary… just don’t opt for these much.)

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