Use Your Top Posts to Optimize

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Look at the stats on your own pages to see what is getting traffic.

Typically this will involve looking at Google Analytics or Google Search Console. You may also look at the other Search Engine analytics if you have them set up for your site.

Choose Your Winners

Starting with just a few at first will be your best bet. Thus, the reason people are coming to your site. Choose to further improve the items that your audience is interested in.

Update Your Content

Refresh the Post

Review the content to update or refresh it. Can you add new good info to it? Try doing a “Google Search” and use the type-ahead on the search line, “People also ask”, and “related content” for ideas on what you may add to the post to increase engagement with your customers.

Removed Outdated Info

Also, remove any outdated info.

Incorporate Social Cues

If there’s any engagement on the piece, see if it’s something you can incorporate.

Add Complementary Posts

Consider adding a complementary post to this. Not only will this make it so the search engines see your site as being more about that topic and likely to rank you higher regarding that topic, but your existing interested consumers will probably find interesting in the new post as well and may stay longer on your site. Be sure to add internal links amongst these pages to help with relevancy and expertise.

Organize and Check Grammar

See if any new organization of the content should occur as you add new info. Can you now add useful headers?

Be sure there is white space and use bullet points where useful for lists of related points.

Check things like grammar and reading level/tone.


When trying to monetize, have a goal in mind to have the post perform best. Consider what you’re trying to achieve with your piece. Are you trying to help solve a problem, recommending an item, or selling them something?

If adding an affiliate product, make sure the item truly makes sense for your avatar. Be sure to include your links (in blue text as is the standard for links to stand out to people) and test them when you publish your post.

Also, ensure there is an actual Call to Action (CTA) that makes sense for your users based on your desired result.


Add images that add to the post.

Try to have a Pinterest pinnable image, one that looks good when pinned to Pinterest for each post.

Check Speed

Once you have published what you think is your final page, try checking out the page load time. Many people only check their home page when you should check the individual pages and people will typically come into your posts from Google on Pinterest vs the home page.

Resubmit for Indexing

Once you have gone through this process, be sure to submit the page to your search engine consoles for re-indexing as quickly as possible.

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