Post Publishing Checklist

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After you publish a post, what to do? It’s a great timesaver if you have a checklist so that you can just go down a line and get things done in order to move on to the next thing.

(I’ll be refining this as I go.. so please bear with me.)

Post Publishing Checklist

  • Create pinnable images for this
  • Look at the post from an incognito browser
  • Look at the post from a mobile device
  • Submit the page to Search Engines
    • Google
    • Bing
  • Read through the post again
  • Verify headlines are in H2
  • Make sure the images look good
    • Have the images been compressed?
  • Verify the links are working
  • Check the page load time
  • Update Google sitemap (USUALLY done automatically)
  • Pin an image in Pinterest

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