Letter Size Paper is Not for Everyone

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If you create printables you might want to know this. Did you know that the Letter size standard (8.5″ x 11″) paper we use in America is somewhat special to us? Much like the Metric system vs American/Imperial difference, most other countries use a different standard for their paper. It is called A4.

Here’s a table of the measurements for your comparison.

Letter Size – North American11″8.5″
A4 – International 11.69″8.27″

Depending on your niche and what your analytic metrics say, see where people are visiting from in order to cater to your audience.

Some printers offer an option to scale to fit, but in consideration of the rest of the world, think about going with the lowest common denominator and making the size-friendly to printing. Or even better, produce both and offer them accordingly!

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