Canva Tips

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Remember when using online tools and resources to read and understand their rules. Here’s a link to their help.

If you use Canva, you may be interested in some tips:

  • Logos cannot contain elements from Canva’s image library
  • If you create templates for others to use, be sure to make them templates so you don’t have to go overboard with explaining the process by which the end-user has to make a copy otherwise they’re overwritten and mess up the shared assets.
  • Regardless of whether you use the free or paid account, develop a technique so your assets stay organized and easy to work with. This will make working with them a productive experience.
  • Set up your main colors (if you can) for reuse in some manner like a branding board (Pro offers more for this feature built-in).
  • Save off items from time to time, such as if you purchase templates from others. Just in case the site was to become unavailable.
  • When creating templates for others to use, try not to use non-standard fonts or images. This just makes it a hassle for the end-user, and they likely will be more frustrated initially by the popups telling them they don’t have an element. That, plus your template will display with a default then, that may not look great. You can test this by using a free account and checking them out!
  • Make sure your sharing option works occasionally. It seems there is a limit to the number of times a template can be shared and sometimes it needs to be shared again as an update to reset this.

Pro Features

  • Remove the background for a ‘pop’ of your image.

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