Buying Existing Websites

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Interested in buying a website but want a quick start? You may be tempted when you see all the ‘turnkey’ solutions on eBay, but be sure to do some research first. A lot of them are the same material or scrapings off of other sites that have been spun to read differently. They may not even include a domain name!

Some of these will claim to get you into the ‘seasoned’ website realm of Google for its consideration in ranking your site for how long its been around.

If you get serious about something, check it out, do research on backlinks, and see what the quality of writing is in the posts. See if its been monetized and whether or not there are social accounts to go along with them.

Look at the metrics to see how well the site has been doing and ask for proof of payments. See if you can purchase with an escrow in place to ensure you receive your product before the seller is off with your money.

There’s a few websites that are used for selling web sites:

Tip: Think about looking at some of these sites and their metrics to see if you learn anything about what works (if you trust their accounting of earnings, that is!)

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