Use Google to Research for Keywords and Content

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When we want to rank better in Google, there’s a lot we can do to improve our standings. One of the main ways to build content that people want is to study what Google tells us when we search.

Use the following ways to scope out and build up your ideas about content people crave. From a Google Search page, try the following.

Google Search

  • Know how to use Google Search. They allow for certain terms to hone in on things and also wildcards.
  • Start typing in some ideas you have about what you want to write but watch what comes up in the autosuggest. Are any of these interesting and related or take you to another better topic?
  • Note that using quotes around your term can change the results you get. Try both ways. It may depend on how you think your customer will type in their search request, but this can be useful to see the difference when considering how to write your articles.
  • You may even use a wildcard in your search to bring up more content information in between words.
  • If you’re really stuck, just type an a and pause, then backspace and type a b. Look for ideas.

People also ask

  • When you have search results of something you want to look at further, look at the “People also ask” section. These are great questions you could answer in your post.
  • Double-click the last of the questions, to open and close the answer, and more questions will appear. You can do this many times, until the questions typically become less relevant.

Searches related to

  • Look at the LSI words toward the bottom under “Searches related to” and see what is there. Explore these terms as well for more ideas. Consider if you can work any of these into your post naturally and where it makes sense.

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