Successful Affiliate Marketing

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Tips for increasing audience engagement and converting on affiliate sales:

  • Matching a Need / The Right Products – Make sure the item you promote is a match for the consumer based on your site. Focus on helping your customers over trying to sell to them. Solve a problem for them.
  • Emotion – Remember that people want to buy from someone and appealing to emotion typically wins over logic.
    • Likeability
    • Trust – Be choosy in what you promote. Only promote what you know and trust and be sure to let the customer know that this is the case.
  • Links – Use something like the Pretty Links or Thirsty Affiliates plugin for affiliate links so as to not scare away the consumer based on the look of an affiliate link
    • Remember to read the affiliate rules to make sure this is okay to do. For instance, you may not do this on Amazon, so consider that for Amazon you may just want to use their Site stripe to generate the link.
  • Call To Action – Be sure to make a call to action (CTA) several times throughout the post.
    • Go check it out at …
    • Click to learn more
    • Give x a try…
  • Keep Metrics – Track your page and test performance to fine-tune it.
  • Be Creative and Keep it Interesting – Come up with different ideas for promotion. Such as incorporating where it makes sense, but brainstorming content post types to maximize potential.

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