Structured Data for Google Assistant

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Did you know you can structure your content’s data in a way so that it can not only be presented as a rich result in Google Search but it an also become automatically become an action that creates an entry in the Google Assistant Directory?

What does this mean? It means that even though you might miss out on someone clicking into your site, your brand could become more familiar and trusted by users who get the responses using their Voice Assistant (such as through Google Home).

What you do is write your content using structured data so that Google knows what is being provided. Supported content types include:

Create your content in this manner, and then once you publish it, if it becomes an action like this, then you’ll want to claim your directory page. If you’re hooked up as a verified site owner in Google Search Console, then you should get an email explain this or you may also go directly to the Assistant Directory to claim it.

Now, I guess this is why I was seeing so many recipes on my device that I finally asked to not see recipes! haha I kept getting so hungry!

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