What Happens When a Course Creator Stops Paying On Teachable?

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I have bought a LOT of courses that are implemented using Teachable. I actually like using it the best as an end user so far because its familiar to me and easy to quickly access (iPhone app) so I can get to learning on the run.

Since I have such a heavy investment, and had been looking into creating my own courses someday – I thought about the scenario where the creator just doesn’t end up carrying through on payments someday. I wondered if that were to happen if I’d be hosed and unable to access the content and it would thus be somewhat wasted money. (You see I am an info hoarder and I have not gone through all my courses yet — I DO work my way through them though!)

They wrote back, with great customer service and said that if the school stopped paying for their plan, that the existing students would not be affected by this. And that when a student purchases a course on Teachable, they’ll have lifetime access unless manually unenrolled or if the lectures are unpublished after a certain amount of time. That can include the deletion of a school by the school owner or Teachable (perhaps if questionable material?).

So — all in all, reassuring. Feel free to hit them up on this for verification. It seems like they have this in the bag! Way to go Teachable!

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