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These are sites that have the ability to search for keywords to target for your blog. Be sure to check out their blog posts, tutorials, or videos as they commonly offer free lessons on how to do long-tail research. (They want you to want to use their tool!)

Remember, too, that these sites can have different results! Look them over and try to study them against each other, as you compare, try to understand what they are taking into account with their numbers. If you have an established site, look at your site with several of these tools and see which one seems more spot on with your actual Google Analytics numbers.

When you research keywords, consider the intent of the searcher. Are they looking for how to do something or to buy something? If someone is looking for something with a store name in it, they may be looking to shop for the item locally to them. If they are searching for how to do something, it might be that they just want to create some arts and crafts, not buy something (you could consider they might be interested in materials, however, if you were to walk them through the steps!) Words with great intent for internet searchers are:

  • buy
  • purchase
  • discount
  • coupon
  • deal
  • shipping
  • order
  • review
  • free

Free Keyword Tools

Paid Keyword Tools (may have a minimal free trial)

Free other tools:

As a side note, don’t forget about the free Google tools! These can tell you what IS successful on your own site first.

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