Online Keyword Research

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There are many sites for keyword research. There are a few for free and some that charge monthly fees. Don’t let the price tags fool you though, consider taking them for a test drive and checking them out before you settle on one or two. Some of them offer a limited number of searches for free. As you get better and realize that content and quality are paramount (and as your Domain Authority grows), you may even become less dependent on this research to such a fine-tuned level.

Some of these keyword research companies offer videos that show how to use their tools. They walk you through the steps of keyword research showing you how to use their keyword research product. Watching the videos can be enlightening even if you use a different tool. Watch them and walk through the same options with a different tool as you familiarize yourself with the products while you’re testing them out.

Note that when performing searches on Google, etc., that results can vary based on whether or not you place the search term in quotes. This can be something to consider as you search on key phrases, as well. See if the tool you’re using treats it differently by testing this out.

Try using the same term and you’ll also see that different tools show different results. Some bloggers swear by one method/product vs. another precisely because of this!

Some people suggest using VPN tools to try to get around the limited number of searches for some of the sites, etc., but that certainly seems like cheating to me, so I would steer clear of it.

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