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It seems most of the tools nowadays for people using computers are cloud-based software as a service model. Some mainstream writing ones are no exception. Usually, these products charge on an annual or monthly basis. Sometimes you can find Lifetime license deals if you keep your eyes open on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or scour the Lifetime deal sites.

List of writing tools:

Typically, these check your grammar, punctuation, etc. but they don’t get into the copywriting of sales. That’s another skill altogether.

Grammarly does plagiarism checks when you’re signed up for premium but with ProwritingAid, you get a set amount or pay for credits to check.

Pay particular attention to the readability of your articles, even when fine tuning them with these tools. Implementing all of their suggestions can make your content much harder to read. What you want to aim for is around a 20 year old to be able to read it. That way, it is written for an your audience professionally, but not too fancy and intricate that it turns off the folks who haven’t obtained advanced degrees. Some of the tools over a Flesch readability score, so do some research and work through your post with this in mind.

If you’re starting a website, you’ll want to learn more about how to appeal to your audience, create effective calls to action, and light your sales on fire. See Copywriting articles for more on this, as this differs from what these online tools tell us.

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