Passive vs. Active Income Examples

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Often, when starting a blog, we do so either because we have a passion to help others, want to make money, or both. Hopefully both! But identifying where to spend time on the money-making part is often vague for people when they think about how to earn money from blogging. Here are some examples of passive vs. active income activities to give you food for thought.


  • Create a course and sell via sales funnel
  • Create email challenge that’s been preplanned
  • Offer sales via affiliate links in your posts
  • Evergreen webinar setups


  • Writing a sponsored post
  • Performing editing and proofreading
  • Working as a Virtual Assistant
  • Facebook Live sales

Remember to keep in mind that the methods you choose to use for some of these things can keep the income more passive.

For instance, if you try to save money by using a WordPress plugin to host your own course, you may need to troubleshoot user access issues, act as your own help desk, troubleshoot speed and performance issues, and make sure you collect the correct taxes. However, if you use something like a well-known and trusted company such as Teachable or Thinkific for their services, they handle many of these things, but you pay for it.

At first, keeping with the right choices can be a balancing act between whether or not you can afford either time or money. Weigh the trade-offs for what’s best for your company at the time. When initially starting out, you may wish to look at the free or low cost email service providers and course platforms at a free level or with a lifetime license deal. As you make progress and start to earn money, you can migrate to the more robust options.

Also, even those tasks deemed “passive income” generating require some work. Sometimes you’ll want to add something new to a course to keep it up to date, or you may need to work with someone on including it in a bundle in order to get them a snippet of data for the advertising. But overall, passive income allows you to set something up and not tend to it daily like a regular job or task.

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