Improve Your Page Load Time

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One key element to a successful website is speedy load time. Users are used to fast load times, and if your site struggles to come up when they click a link, they’ll be likely to go somewhere else. Not only is this a bad first impression, it might mean they never return. Whether or not a page loads in a reasonable time can make or break your site. That’s why its one of the first considerations in building a site. (Why bother creating all this great content if you really don’t get users?)

Some tips for helping to improve your page load time:

  • Buy hosting at a decent level through a decent company.
  • Use caching solution, whether it is a WordPress plugin or something through your hosting platform.
  • For links to your posts, be sure to provide them with a / at the end, otherwise the request will have to do a redirect to the same URL with a slash at the end. This is because, without the slash, the server will check first for a file by that name, but when it doesn’t exist then redirect to the post content. (You can test this out using Google PageSpeed Insights if you like!)

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