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There’s a lot going on in the world of SEO today. We’re all working our way to improving our content to such a point that I almost always think even to myself, oh why bother, when there’s so much other goodness out there!

Well, one elephant in the room right now is the whole debate on Google Snippets.

If we optimize to get on the page as a snippet, then what does that do for click-throughs? Is it good or bad for our blog part of the business?

It could skyrocket your clicks, or if it is a simple and straightforward answer, you may get no click-throughs because they answer was right out there on a plate for the reader.

Perhaps our brand becomes familiar but we don’t get a click, traffic count, or opportunity to have someone sign up for our mailing list.

If you want to target Google’s Featured Snippets, then some things you can do to help be considered in this way are:

  • Use an SEO plugin that has rich snippet support built-in and work through that way.
  • Define your post name as a question.
  • Offer a clear answer and don’t hem and haw near the top of your post.
  • Do provide some details though to further educate or inform.
  • Enhance with images or lists, if it makes sense.
  • Follow the format of rich snippets, like Q & A, Recipes, How to, etc. See the schemas for rich snippets for more details.

I like good search results, though, so I can understand, as a user… Google wants us to get what we want from our search without much other effort.

  • This can help us avoid going to sites that might have malware.
  • It might help us be able to get a better answer when using our voice enabled devices.
  • It allows us to spend more time with the family?

What do YOU think about it? (Open can of worms now…)

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