Easily Insert Your Affiliate Disclaimer in Posts

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I was all stressed out about affiliate links and the need to make them appear before most anything in your post if you do anything having to do with affiliate marketing. You know what I used to do?

I used to copy and paste the verbiage and link into each post, then I had to update my excerpt to have my excerpts not be the main (only haha) thing showing on my blog roll. It was such an endeavor.

Then I updated to at least use a reusable component instead of having to hunt down my text and do the cut-and-paste dance.

Enter Ad Inserter WordPress plugin, oh Wizardry Magic

The Ad Inserter plugin is such a joy to work with! Plus, it’s super configurable.

  1. Define the disclosure (mine is some text and a link) you want to appear everywhere, paste it in as a saved block in Ad Inserter.
  2. Then you select what type of taxonomy you want it to apply to (Posts typically).
  3. Once you select the taxonomy, select the Insertion point to appear “Before content”.
  4. If it doesn’t look great, then you can apply some custom CSS to make it better.

Voila! A consistent disclosure that appears on every post, but doesn’t show in my excerpts. What a wonderful thing!

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