Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

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Affiliate marketing can be done through things like Pinterest, via social media, or through email marketing. Be sure to always read up and follow the rules so that you don’t get blacklisted from the affiliate. This includes studying and knowing:

  • Rules of the affiliate you’re marketing for
  • Rules of the media by which you are advertising for it

For instance, you cannot include Amazon affiliate links in emails.

It might be easier to be able to make sales and promote things with a website because people will trust that more. However, getting an affiliate link out there that people click on may still just as well result in a sale where you didn’t need to convince the user, they just needed or wanted the product.

Pinterest is an excellent place to promote items for sale, especially visually appealing items. It tends to be a place people are looking to buy more than Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram.

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