Solve Your Reader’s Problem

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To be of interest to your reader, you should be doing something for them. This could be entertaining them, solving a problem for them, or taking them on a journey where they transform.

One way to help you assess whether or not your concept may be a hit is to look at “Alex Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Canvas.”

I found this well thought out article about this and its very useful. Much like back when you first started by drawing up a well-defined, imaginable, and named avatar, you’ll be able to compare your ideas using this.

When coming up with something for your readers, whether is it a blog post, course, or live session, consider the following:

  • What’s in it for your reader?
  • What does your reader need?
  • How can you help your reader with their pains?
    • Can you solve it?
    • Can you help her deal with it?
    • Can you show ways to improve it?
  • Do I have a service or skill that can help her?
  • How can you alleviate or help her through her fears?
    • Can you teach her something?
    • Can you teach her how to think differently?
    • Can you show her how to do something differently?

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