Things to do with PLR

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Use it or not? If you do, hopefully, you’re adding to it and making it something special!

Well, if you’re contemplating, here’s a list of ways you may wish to rework for a variety of content.

NOTE: Be sure to read the license for the actual product for what it allows, though – PLR Licenses are usually short and easy to read! They usually spell out what you CAN and CANNOT do with it.


  • Create a product
  • Sell it
  • Add to membership area (paid or for lead generation)
  • Turn into reports
  • Break down into blog articles – Inform or educate your audience with easy to create blog posts. Starting from the PLR, create the blog post, breaking it down and adding your thoughts, ideas, and personality to customize it to your audience.
  • Rework for webinars
  • Record a video – Take the material and create a video. There are many useful video creation tools that don’t require a lot of specialized knowledge. Upload to YouTube, Facebook, or another video hosting site.
  • Create outlines
  • Turn it into a Top x or 7 Best x
  • Turn into an email series
  • Create a course
  • Publish the material in a different language
  • Start a challenge post
  • Provide as a bonus for buying another product through your affiliate link (if it allows this)
  • Engage followers with it
  • Create lessons from it
  • Create a newsletter
  • Add to your existing posts
  • Use it to establish your authority in a topic
  • Record audio of it
  • Use it on a podcast
  • Monetize with affiliate links (be sure to follow affiliate sponsor rules)
  • Mix up several to make cornerstone content
  • Build a slideshow
  • Generate more ideas – Sometimes even if you don’t choose any of these formats to use your PLR, you can stem off a topic after reviewing existing content and doing some research.
  • Create infographics or pictorials based on the data
  • Create lead magnet
  • Create freebie for a bundle offer or to send to your loyal customers
  • Use or promote on social media – This can be good with the quotes that come ready-made, or even by breaking down larger units for sharing.
  • Turn into a report or ebook
  • Create audio
  • Use for autoresponders – Some material may be great to use for creating an automatic sequence to develop a relationship with your subscribers.
  • Add it to your site with resell rights – If you’re sitting on a pile of PLR you have re-sell rights to, why not put them up for sale? Again, double-check the license as this is not typical unless you get the more permissive ‘white label’ or resell licenses that typically cost more.

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