How to do Affiliate Links the Short Way

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Besides the fact that most affiliate links are just ugly, there are various reasons for redirecting and tracking your affiliate links. By establishing your links in an ideal manner, you’ll have a lot easier time placing links, getting more clicks, and being able to track manage them.

As you go through the tips below, please do keep in mind your particular affiliate program rules. For instance, Amazon’s affiliate links may not be masked.

Makes for Easier Placement

Have you ever been crafting a post, social media message, or e-mail message that you intend to consist of a particular link, only to dread the pain of signing on to get your affiliate account each time? When you use a redirect system that uses URLs that make sense, it’s easier to remember it and share it with others.

Get More Clicks

Merely updating the link, so it does not look terrifying, people are more likely to click it. Think about it, a link that resembles is going to get a lot more interest than a link that doesn’t also have your domain name in it and looks weird with signs, letters, and numbers and runs on forever. Also, if it’s easy to remember, it can be shared more.

Stay Clear Of Internet Search Engine Penalties

When you post affiliate links, you need to ensure they are marked as “no-follow”. Otherwise, if you have a lot of strange-looking affiliate links that do not have that marking, it may lead to search engine penalties and make it so you don’t rate higher on search. Using a plug-in to add your affiliate links can ensure that this is done properly each time in a systematic manner.

Stop Link Thievery

Unfortunately, some people don’t care just how honest people work functions, and they will steal from you. One method to do it today is with link theft. Link theft can get quite technical but its when someone can change links to count as an affiliate link for them instead of looking like yours. Typically, by cloaking your links, you make it a bit harder for this to happen.

Get Past Ad Blockers

Lots of people use ad blockers nowadays because they don’t want to see any ads when browsing the web. The issue with this is that if no one looked at or responded to advertisements, every person would certainly have to pay more for solutions such as e-mail, search, and social media platforms. We may also have to pay higher rates for websites and innovation since online ads would disappear. Using eye-catching links helps stop those that may be naturally filtered out since it appears even more natural as part of your content.

Track & Manage Hyperlinks Easier

While all these are great reasons to track and redirect affiliate links, one of the most important ones is for you to be able to track and manage your links easily. When you can do that, you’ll be able to examine your data to determine which services to market to your audience -, you’ll recognize which links or products are genuinely creating earnings and which are not. You’ll have the ability to get reports and so much info from setting this up that you’re going to be able to enhance your sales significantly.

You can redirect your links in many ways. and URL Shortener Pro are WordPress plugin options. However, you may also redirect making use of PHP Script, cPanel directs, and online URL shortener solutions like, which has some reporting available.

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