Graphics & Font Licenses and Print on Demand Woes

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Most of the time the various sites where you can get a super deal on cool images and fonts, there are rules that require a complete modification from what is offered when using the elements for Print On Demand (POD) work.

Can use For POD when Modified Enough

These include such sites as:

Now, if you’re creative, you should have no trouble with working up sometime unique and different from the original and probably even more meaningful for your particular audience. Read their license agreements to be sure of your rights.

I must say, too, the folks as were super responsive and helpful with me when I asked them more about their Print On Demand (POD) rules.

Possibilities for POD without Rework

If you’re like me, though, and still frustrated by trying to get around Photoshop because you’re on the very beginning of the learning curve, then check out They have an interesting concept for POD work where they allow designers to opt their work in to allow for end users to use their work “as is” on Print On Demand sites, without the requirement to make it unique. How cool is that? Make sure, though, that the resource is, in fact, covered under this license arrangement before using (because some designers don’t opt-in for this.)

Also, if you get the images while subscribed (very affordable $29/mo and sometimes you can find a deal on that!) then, if you cancel, you would need to stop any POD sales with that graphic or font. However, if you had actually purchased the item (or performed the alterations as they state), then you could be fine continuing to use it. Always read their license terms for whatever you choose to use to be sure.

Now one just needs to look at the other end, on the print shops online, to ensure we’re meeting their rules as well. Will report back on this shortly!

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