Bonuses for Buying Tools and Classes?

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Hopefully, as you build your online biz, you’ll start to appreciate and have some favorite people and businesses you follow. In that case, it’s great if you can support those people as they have been also helping you on your journey by buying through them when you legitimately want something they point out is for sale.

…or even by buying through someone who introduces you to an item you didn’t know existed before and after researching, you determine you’re going to buy it.

However, if you don’t yet have a favorite and feel like there’s not a relationship with how you’ve run across something you’d like to get, you can often search for some who try to woo you to purchase through their link online or through your emails.

Now sometimes, offering bonuses or offering bonuses of certain types is not allowed. This usually depends on the program and sales platform.

I’ve also seen some offerings where it seems like it just might be too good to be true to be a valid (or morally right) bonus, so be sure to do your research and go based on what you figure out.

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