Over 25 Fruitful Affiliate Marketing Ideas

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Want to monetize your site but running out of steam on affiliate marketing ideas? Some ideas for you on affiliate marketing:

  • Consider holidays, seasonal, and trends when selecting, creating, and offering affiliate items to your customer.
  • Having at least some evergreen (always relevant) affiliate links is a great strategy.
  • Keep your offers above the fold (on the screen before scrolling occurs). Believe it or not, this makes a difference, and a lot of users are on mobile! So check this out for your posts!
  • Look for two-tier programs where you can promote or put something out there but when others carry on with it more actively, you still make a little something.
  • If you don’t feel you’re making much, think about items with generous commission offerings or bigger ticket items, in general. Or look at different companies, networks, or categories and keep the various commission levels in mind (but also hold with being TRUE and HONEST to your reader!)
  • If you’re not converting, consider checking out what your competition offers. Don’t copy or steal but try to figure out what works and put your own spin on it.
  • Popular products sell well! Don’t assume the market is oversaturated with something just because its successful.
  • Since you should truly believe in a product if you’re marketing it and it should be a good match for your audience, while promoting them, you could market as often as you would if it were your own.
  • Engage in social network conversation and show your expertise. People will find out.
  • Share in Facebook groups when appropriate and allowed by group rules. Often, others will look for recommendations.
  • Promote in your own Facebook group or Pinterest board.
  • Look for forums where affiliate link sharing is allowed.
  • Make links traditional blue — people know from the olden days of the internet that links are blue. If you decide to not do this due to your theme, consider ensuring they stand out in some way! Underlined, also, is even better.
  • Use the variety of link types – For instance, if you’re on Amazon, use text links in addition to their preformatted ads.
  • Create a Facebook ad for the item.
  • Create some curiosity with your link. Don’t be deceitful, but you can say something like ‘this multipurpose utensil will be the only one you need’ can help convert to a click at least instead of just calling out a wonderful spoon with a built-in pot rest on the handle.
  • Don’t overwhelm with options, keep it fairly simple.
  • Interview the course or product creator.
  • Add to your Instagram bio link text and info.
  • Write a “How to” article that goes into the product from some angle.
  • Ask the creator for a special discount for your readers.
  • Use long-tail keywords for the items you decide to help share the word on so that you get more traffic.
  • Offer a bonus or other incentive if the reader purchases through your affiliate link.
  • Work up a detailed tutorial, full of steps and images of the products.
  • Pin a related image (if allowed) to Pinterest.
  • Promote in a podcast or when you’re in a podcast interview.
  • Include your affiliate link in an email challenge or course.
  • Perform SEO for your affiliate marketing pages just as you would any other.
  • Hone in on user’s intent (that they are ready to buy with buyer intent words) for items and review them thoroughly, such as:
    • Review of [universal car stereos, mid-tier toaster ovens, etc]
    • Best [inexpensive standing desk, men’s winter driving gloves]
  • Create a resource page of products related to your niche that you already use, have used, and love.

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