Promote a Handful of Things Your Tribe Needs

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Creating a successful, high-earning affiliate biz from scratch doesn’t suggest you need to advertise a ton of services and products to your audience. You don’t need to join more than you can count on your hand affiliate programs. You should just find a few services that serve your audience and promote those instead of merely throwing everything at the wall to ‘see what sticks’.

The main reason is that you wish to keep nicely within your niche and avoid overwhelming your target market with too many opportunities. The other factor is marketing proper matches with your client’s needs will lead to a much higher return on investment. It’ll be a lot easier to do all you need to do for fewer items, and your bottom line will show it.

An additional factor is that if you promote too many things on your website, your target market may get confused, overwhelmed, or think of you as spammy! Think of offering just one solution per problem to help you stay clear of all the shiny items that distract you.

Sure some of the affiliate programs you join to be able to list on your resources page, but this is about items you are reaching out to your customers to advertise. Actively promoting takes effort, though you can automate a great deal, so spend your effort wisely and try not to turn off your customers so they unsubscribe or stop visiting your site.

For the products you intend to advertise, create blog posts, social network content, and emails. Restrict the variety of programs you use by adhering to standards for any plan you’ll promote. Once you’ve determined your criteria, it’s much easier to stay focused rather than chasing shiny things. Create your select list so that you understand what your standards are. For instance, maybe you intend to promote only programs that use you the opportunity to gain a minimum of $25 per click-through. Think of what makes sense for you as reasonable criteria.

Notice the difference in between your resources you may promote vs the things you will proactively promote for your customers (if they are different, depending on your niche). You should be able to earn income from nearly every email and article with a handful of associate programs by monetizing in a way that once again, serves your customer. When one of those stops working, seek something else to bring your customers happiness and satisfaction.

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