Pre-Sell to Verify Your Course

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Considering creating a course or writing an ebook? Think about doing a pre-sell first to see whether or not your audience even cares first. This can save you a lot of time and effort upfront. It can also help you fail fast – that is come up with lots of ideas to see what sticks but be able to transition quickly to only pursue those that benefit your audience!

In addition to this, you may also consider creating a beta test group for the first students to your course. Offer a discounted rate in exchange for the promise of good, real feedback. Be sure to be around and tend to your class to answer questions, clear up confusion, see where the course can be improved. You may find the need for new features that never occurred to you! You can ask for input via discussion panels and/or surveys.

Set a deadline for the feedback and ask for it to be submitted at the end. Try to keep an open mind when reading the feedback. Obviously, you don’t need to or may not want to do everything that is suggested, but if more than one person offers similar feedback, they may be onto a weak point in your training.

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