Blog Post Ideas – Remember Your Audience

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Here’s a helpful ever-growing list of blog post ideas. Just remember it’s not about you – it’s about HELPING your peeps. Make sure whatever you post and share is doing something for them. While writing, editing, and even with a final review, keep this in mind: If it’s not for your avatar, it doesn’t belong on your blog.

  • Assessment of the prior year – Usually done at the very end or beginning of the year. Go into things you did well and not so well. What did you learn and how does this help to know now?
  • Income Reports – If you’re so inclined and your blog is in a niche where people are trying to make money, sharing these are of great interest. These are especially useful when someone can also gain from your insight and what lessons you have learned while possibly avoiding the pain themselves.
  • A Typical Day – If you’re a model of someone who has gone through the pain point your readers have and emerged transformed, give them an idea of a day in your life. Is there something you do regularly? What ways do you find to be most productive? What can you share that may help your readers as they envision their own transformation taking place?
  • Curate and Share – You’re likely all about your niche and you have a lot of passion on the topic since you’re the owner of a blog (or business) of it! Share your findings and some commentary. If it will help your reader, let them know about it in time that they may gain from it. Please don’t just only share affiliate links or something that benefits you!
  • Mentor, admirable friend, or business leader – Talk about someone you look up to and why. Share how you have learned from this person and why they may enjoy and benefit from their material.
  • Things You Do Well – You probably have specialties you don’t even know you have because they occur naturally to you. Think about the things that are ‘easy’ for you, processes and tasks that you just seem to be perfectly suited for. Take a step back and examine your process and see if you can share it with your people.
  • Resource List – Provide a resource list of things that make sense for your audience based on the niche. For instance, a blogger might list the tools, services, plugins, or software they make use of regularly. If you’re into minimalism, you may share books that were your basis for understanding. Or, when you were starting out, things you used that helped you.
  • Recommended List – This list is a little different from the resource list, in that it’s things you have come across while improving upon your topic or niche knowledge and these items stand out to you as having been the most useful resources for you. You may share some courses, ebooks, or even physical items that you found valuable.
  • Pain Points – There are likely some main pain points for people when they are working through a transformation. Help them by working through a way or ways to solve these problems!

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