About me… Well, I know, I know.. the posts are all woefully short. I should be looking at examples and doing the Skyscraper technique writing even better content, right? Also, my posts aren’t quite optimized but I’ve been learning so fast and documenting has overrun my current abilities – but I will be back to do that shortly as my posts firm up and take great shape.

Please bear with me. Well at least while I’m learning, journey with me. I am just making this blog for the person one or two steps behind that may benefit from my super curiosity right now. I am okay with putting this together as a sort of crib sheet for myself to easily find.

I also figure if I write it down, I’ll learn it better, plus it will generally be a nice resource all around for others like me.

Oh, that, who am I? I am moderate in technical skills, but looking for a way to start a money-making blog. I love to learn and have shiny object syndrome, so sometimes I have to just hunker down and get something DONE (vs browsing, shopping around for deals on web stuff, learning). I am terrible with copywriting and sales speak and also in the jam of not knowing when to start some of the things that cost money monthly. ONE STEP AT A TIME…

Hoping you enjoy this journey with me on blogging to make money!